What is the secret to success in life?

Your values point the way

Your values point the way

What is your definition of success? People look at success differently. For some it is having material things. For others success is a spiritual thing. Surveys of rich people show they are no happier as a group than anyone else. We have all heard the saying, “Money doesn’t bring happiness.” But, It sure can make it possible to live your dreams.

I suggest that happiness is not a destination but a journey. You can be happy for moment. You just got a new car. Or you can be happy in your journey through life. Knowing you are on course to achieve the important goals in your life means you know your mission in life. People who know their purpose live a longer, happier more productive life.
Get in touch with your gut feelings. The catch word of the day is “Mindfulness.” It means you know what you feel about what you are doing. Our feelings and what we value in life guide our journey through life. It is our mission that makes life worth living. What legacy do you want to leave to your children?
Success is knowing you are on track to achieve those things in life that are important to you. The key to success is working on the right thing at the right time. You have to block out time every day to work on the most important thing in your life. How much time you can spend working on the important things in your life depends on how many urgent things impact your life. If you are not achieving your important goals fast enough you are going to have to learn to say “NO.” Don’t let the urgent things imposed on you by others prevent you from working on your important goals.
You must be sure you are working on the most important thing in your life at this particular moment.

The Problem

Part of the problem is deciding what is the most important thing we need to work on. The important things in our lives are a shifting target. We have responsibilities to our family, to our work and to our church to name a few.
The other part of the problem is how we work.
I’ve been reading a lot about productivity lately. Some say you can overcome procrastination by being sure you know what is important in your life and working on the “one important thing” consistently every day. Most recommend you plan to spend 15-30 minutes every day working on your one most important thing. By working on your most important goal a little bit every day you may make sure the important things do not get neglected. The problem is 30 minutes a day may not meet your deadline. The 30 minute a day technique works when you have important goals that tend to get pushed into the background and forgotten. Studies have shown that authors who work on their project consistently everyday get more done than authors who wait till they have time to work on their project.



Journaling keeps yo on track

Productive authors know how long it will take for them to write 5000 words. They set a deadline and know they have to plan to write for a specific amount of time every day.

I find I work best in 60-90 minute increments. When I get into the flow of writing, I don’t want to stop. However, I start getting groggy after an hour and a half or so. Then I have to get up and walk around, work in the yard, ride my bike or even take a nap. Then I can pick up where I left off and spend another 90 minutes working on my important thing. Psychologists call this sprint work. They say research has found that most people have cycles where they have high energy for 90 minutes followed by 20 of recuperating.
My daughter is an author and a website developer. When she gets started she may work all night with barely a break. I think Psychologists may call that being obsessive, but the point is pay attention to what works for you and take advantage of your bodies ups and down. Everyone is different. You need to get in touch with your feelings to know you are working on the right thing and at the right time
When you are totally immersed in what you are doing you are in the flow.” and you do not want to break the flow of creative energy
When you understand you body rhythms make a habit of doing you creative work when you are at your peak energy.

Our attitude

Most people live re-actively. They are satisfied with their life. If they are creative at all they settle for a hobby they work at their spare time.
If you want to make a difference, understand you values. Get in touch with how you feel about what you are doing. Is self doubt holding you back? Your values and feeling should guide you dreams. Think about what important thing you want to accomplish. What do you want to have accomplished  in 10 years. Turn you dreams into goals by setting deadline on you goals and breaking the goal down into small measurable tasks you can check off as you accomplish them.
Most people look at their goals and how unattainable they seem and get discouraged. They are living in the GAP between where they are and where they want to be. It is better to live in the now. Look at where you were 5 years ago and compare that to where you are now and you will see positive progress and real accomplishment. I want to be a successful internet marketer. I have yet to make a profit. If I look forward to the day my business is creating $50K per month passive income my goal seems unattainable. However, five years ago I new nothing about building a website. Today I can build a website and I know how to promote it. I have the confidence to build websites for others and I know more about promoting products on line that most people. I have put together the pieces and expect to be producing $2K/mo profit by the end of the year.
It is kind of a cup half full, cup half empty kind of thing. If you have the negative point of view you will never try. If you are positive the sky is the limited.

The key to success

Keys to success

Keys to success

The key to success is knowing what is important in your life and working on the right thing at the right time. People with a written plan accomplish far more than those who leave their ideas floating around in their head.

When you review your day how do you feel about what you accomplished. Research shows that those who live purposeful lives live longer, happier more productive lives. what do you want your legacy to be?