Your values point the way

Your values point the way

Are personal core values important in our lives? It is a question worth asking, yet most people never think about what they value most in their lives. If honesty and loyalty are important to you, you are not going to cheat on your wife. If making money is your most important value you will follow The Art of the Deal.

Most people never think about their values. Their values influence them at a subconscious level. Often they will make decisions that are inconsistent with their values. If you value honest and take a job that requires you to lie you you are going to be stressed.

When you bring your values to your consciousness you will make better decisions and you will have a better life. Think about what you value most in your life. Make your personal values list and refer to it often. When you know what you value most in life your purpose will become clear. Research has shown people who live life with purpose live a longer, better life.

Do you value your freedom, your independence, your friends? Your values determine how you live your life. You can drift or you can paddle. I prefer to take control of my life and live with purpose. I want to help you live with passion in a world of peace, harmony and opportunity.

Successful people know what is important in their lives. They set goals that will help them accomplish their mission. They break their goals down into small tasks that can be accomplished in a short time. Then they focus on working on the one thing that is most important in their lives and completing a small task every day till they have achieved their goal. Then they set new goals and continue to pursue their calling.

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