Time Management is a fancy way to say How I spend my life. From a human standpoint time is how we live our lives.

The question comes down to are you satisfied with you life? If so, you probably aren’t interested in this site. This website is devoted to how we spend our time to live a happy and productive life.

Sure you can drift through life and if you are luck have a contented, happy life. If you want to make a difference, you need to take control. You need to be the Captain of your boat on the River of Life. Know your next Port-O-Call. That is you mission. You have to tell your Navigator what you want to accomplish. Then s/he can plot your course.

Start with your values. They should guide every decision you make. When you know what you value in life, your values will guide your mission. How do you accomplish your purpose in life? We talk about that in more depth in this video.