Paying it forward ideas

There are so many creative people with pay it forward ideas.

I am a life guide. I don’t feel I can be a coach. Who am I to tell you what to do? But, I can help you evaluate your life and your values and help you find that one thing you want to accomplish more than anything else in your life. When you know your mission, it will guide your life. How you spend your time determines what you will accomplish in your life.

Margaret Mead said, “Never believe a small group of caring people can change the world. For, indeed, that is all that ever have.”

Working together

We can be most effective when we work together. Margaret Mead was active in the ’60s and ’70s. She didn’t have the advantage of the internet to spread her message. She had to depend on good old books and magazine articles..

Today we can use the internet to attract millions of people. As a life guide, I have to be a futurist. I look at trends and write scenarios of what could happen. No one can predict the future. No scenario I write is more probable than another. I can foresee a future in which AI, VR and automation can replace all repetitive jobs. 

Sales clerks, truck drivers, and even paralegals will no longer be needed. Those jobs will be replaced by jobs we cannot even imagine. Employers will be hiring creative, adaptable people who have a broad range of skills. Everyone else will be freelancing. They will be hired to complete a project. When the project is completed, they will be fired and have to find a new gig.

People are not saving enough for retirement

Finding a job will become more difficult as we grow older. By the time they become unemployable, only people who have their own business will be able to earn a comfortable living.

Sure, there are those who will successfully invest in stocks and bonds or Real Estate but the successful ones will be few.

Starting a business is not as difficult as it might seem. Help enough people solve their problems and you will do very well. Pay it forward. Provide helpful information for free. People will get to know you and trust you. Then you turn you fans into customers. The details of how to build a business are for another website.

Most people reject the idea of starting a side gig. They will have to keep working as long as their health holds up.

You should be able to freelance provided you maintain your skills and market them well. You will have to manage your career like a business. When you can no longer work, you will have to depend on retirement savings and Medicare.

The trend is, people are not saving enough to fund a comfortable retirement. Unless you develop a business that provides you an evergreen income you will be in trouble.

Creating Passive Income

You can find affiliate programs that can provide you a passive income. It is called internet marketing. You will have a lot to learn but the Internet is a tool you cannot afford to ignore.

The best source of training I have found is at Wealthy Affiliates. Their first class is free and when you complete it you will have your first website up and will understand the basics of promoting your site.

I prefer a business model where I get a commission based on the sales volume I develop in my sales team. Some people create passive income by buying commercial real estate. Some by creating an insurance agency. Others write and sell books or movies. Successful actors get royalties based on the profits of movies they work in.

You can develop passive income in many ways. For most of us, learning to use the internet to promote ourselves and our businesses will be key to our success.

The best way to create a comfortable retirement in a relatively short time is through Internet Marketing. I look for companies that market quality products at competitive prices. I try the products and if I will use them myself, I will promote the business.


The internet makes it possible to promote anything you choose to work with to half the population of the earth. IM provides us an opportunity to develop income and help others that no other generation has had.

Whether you want to work for someone else, expand a brick and mortar business or create your own startup, if you ignore the potential of the internet to brand yourself or your business you are going to face stiff competition. When you use your website to tell your story you are standing head and shoulders above your competition.

When you help enough people solve their problems, you will be successful yourself. Pay it forward. It will pay off in the long run.