I’ve always been a planner and over the years I’ve gotten better at it.

I was 15 and listening to my Dad’s sermon when I decided I’d try to live a good life, help others and not worry to much about my place in heaven. Later, I decided to become a forester because I felt and still feel that I should leave my corner of the earth a little better than I found it. My mom always told me to pick up other peoples stuff and leave my camping area cleaner than I found it. I spent my career caring for wild-lands.

It was an evolutionary process. I gradually came to realize that people have to have there basic need taken care off before they care about anything else. If you are fighting for survival there will be no peace in this world.

People have to have the resources they need to live comfortably before they can even think about caring for anyone else.

Our longevity is determined 20% by our genes and 80% by our environment. The small changes we make in our life style can add a quality decade to our lives. We can control our environment by controlling what we eat,, where we live and who we associate with.

As I grew older I came to realize that most people live a purposeless life. They react rather than taking control of their lives. I have friends who retire and come to me saying, “I’m lost. I don’t know what to do with my self.”

How we spend our time determines how we spend our lives. Living life with purpose can add years to our productive life

I was a Wild-land Fire Management Planner for the State of Hawaii. I trained first responders from State, County, Federal, Military and private ranches to understand wild-land fire behavior at the micro level. I came to realize the very lives of those men and women depended on their ability to work together and to anticipate what a fire was going to do.

After retiring, I became a member of our Neighborhood Board. It is like a community city council. They asked me to Chair their Emergency Preparedness Committee.

County, State and Federal Emergency Management agencies all tell us we should be prepared to take care of ourselves after a major disaster. It will take weeks and perhaps months before Government help can reach Hawaii. Our personal resilience depends on the skills we know and the supplies we have stockpiled.

Most people live paycheck to pay check. You cannot be resilient without the money you need to stockpile the food, water, medicines and camping equipment you need to survive when your home is blown away.

It was with that revelation that I came to understand that our personal, family, community and global resilience will determine the quality of our lives.

I came full circle back to the beginning. I must understand what I value. Based on those values I can find my calling. When I understand my one most important thing in my life, I can break that mission down into small steps and make sure I work on the most important small step some every day.

I hate to see people unhappy because they have no purpose. I have found my purpose and I can be a guide on the river of life to help people navigate their rapids and find the personal port-o-call.

The only person I can change is myself. My evolution in the past 10 years has been amazing. I cannot choose a purpose for anyone. But, I can gently guide them to make the small changes in their life that will give them purpose and help them live their calling.

Nearly 90 years of living have brought me to where I am today. Along the way, I’ve been able to touch a few lives. With the help of technology, I am going to be able to touch a few more.

That is my story. 90 years of living has got to teach you something and by God’s Grace I may have another decade to touch a few more lives.

Aloha, Live in peace and harmony.