Never stop growing, never stop learning.

I didn't know that!

I didn’t know that!

You have heard it said, but it is more important now than ever before. There is chaos in the world of work and businesses are not hiring in the same way they used to. Now we are faced with the gig economy. Businesses are not hiring employees. They are hiring contractors and freelancers to do a job. When the job is completed the freelancer has to look for another gig.

On the job training is rare. Why train someone who is not going to be with you that long? Hire someone with the skills you need so they can be productive from the start.

It is up to us to maintain our own skills.

When a business looks for a long term employee they are looking for creative problem solvers who can work with others. Your skills are not as important as your ability to work with a team.

How do you advance your career? By managing your career like a business. You must brand yourself. People need to know both your skills and your accomplishments. Your resume should stress your accomplishments not who you worked for. No one cares who you worked for even 5 years ago. They want to know what you accomplished in your career and how you can help the business solve problems..

Personal development is more than just career development.

Your life has different facets. You have your work, your family, your spirituality, your personal interests, your community service activities… The list goes on. How do you strike a balance in all aspects of your life? You don’t. It is more like a juggling act.

Concentrate on the one most important thing in your life at the present moment.

What element of your life is the most important thing right now? Focus on that one most important thing and let the rest take care of themselves. In other words don’t try to plan your life in infinite details. Plan to get the most important thing in you life done and leave the rest to the Chaos of everyday living.

Warren Buffet has what he calls his 5/25 rule. Write down the twenty five most important things you want to accomplish in your life. Prioritize them. Then pick the top five and forget about the rest. Plan to spend time working on the most important thing every day. Work in short blocks of time and alternate between the important things in various segments of you life. Obviously, If you are working for someone else and under a deadline this isn’t going to work. This system works to help you get done those important things in your life that you have been procrastinating on,

If like most of us, you have a job and family you may only be able to find a half hour to work on your most important thing but do that one thing consistently every day. Or more correctly, work on your 5 things. When I was going to college I had to important goals. Completing my homework and spending time with the family. I was at school from 7AM to 5PM From 5-8PM was family time. From 8-11PM was homework time. My plan was not so much a schedule as it was a time budget.  may be playing with your kids, repairing you home, and working on your businesses. All were different important aspects of my life and all required me budget time for them.

How we spend our time determines what we accomplish in our lives.

How do you determine what important things you should concentrate on? Start with your values. Write down the values that are important to you. Your values must guide every decision you make. Your values will help you find your purpose in each segment of your life.

Ben Franklin had 13 values. Each week he would focus on one value trying to perfect it however he could. Study, curiosity, observation and time will affect your growth. As we gain experience in life, we should grow in our ability to live in harmony with each other and with our environment.

Learn to be resilient. Be ready for anything life may throw at you. On the river of life you need to know when you can drift and when you must paddle. You need to know how to take advantage of the river’s currents and how to navigates the rivers rapids. Come back often and let us be your guides on the River of Life.

Join us here if you want to join our crew. Know your port-o-call and let us help you plot your course. Then set your sails for a life of adventure and accomplishment.

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