Goal setting is vital if you want to live your life with purpose. What is living with a purpose?

I am a guide on your river of life.

I encourage you to clearly understand you values. If you believe honesty, loyalty and compassion are important values in your life, you are not going to take a job where you have to lie and cheat

Your values will guide you mission. Your mission is you lifetime goal, but it will evolve as you grow. You will have lifetime goals in various aspects of your life. You may have a goal to maintain a healthy life style, a goal to create a $100K yearly income, and a goal to fishing with your kids at least once a month.

Based on your mission you will determine the niche you want to work on for the next month.

Based on you lifetime goals, know what you want to accomplish in the next year, the next quarter, the next month, the next week and today.

Review your goals daily as you decide the most important thing you must accomplish today. Then do that one thing consistently each day. You may not complete it in the short time you have to work on it, but work on it daily and you be taking tiny steps closer to your life time goal.

Work in short blocks of time and take a break frequently. I set a timer for no longer than an hour. When the timer goes off I take a break. I may take a walk, wave my dumbbells around or go pull weeds in the garden. Then I may pick up where I left off or start something new. The first thing I do after reviewing may daily goals is the one most important thing in my life at that moment. I may only be able to work on it for 15 minutes but at least have have taken a tiny step forward toward my goals.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

Move forward everyday by consistently working on the most important thing in your life. One day it may be going to you kids soccer game. The next day it may be working on your website. Concentrate on the one most important thing in your life daily for a week and you will be surprised at your progress.

Write down your values.

Write out your mission statement

Set your goals for the year.

Decide what goals to set for the year

Decide what you must do this quarter to achieve your yearly goals.

Each month, decide what you must do to complete your quarterly goals.

Each week, review what you will do to achieve your monthly monthly goals.

Based on your monthly goals what will you work on this week

What will you do today that will move you forward towards accomplishing your weekly goals?

Review your accomplishments

Set your plans for tomorrow at the end of each day. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the one most important thing you will work on today?(The task you must work on to more you a tiny step closer to you most important goal?)
  2. Which specific daily action(s) that relate to your goals did you work on?
  3. How Many Minutes did you spend on your A level task?
  4. What do you feel good about?
  5. What challenges did you have?
  6. Did you notice an negative self-statements?
  7. Any positive statements you used to replace the negative ones?
  8. How do you feel about your day on a scale of 1-10? (1 is a junk day– 10 it couldn’t have gone better.)
  9. What are your specific plans for tomorrow that will move you toward your 4 week goal?
  10. What did you learn today?

The first three questions relate to planning. Questions 4 – 8 are possibly the most important because they help you understand how you feel about what you did. Those questions can help you uncover hidden thoughts that may be sabotaging your efforts to move forward. Question 9 helps you start tomorrow right. Question 10 helps fix in your mind what lessons you learned from today’s experiences. What can you do better tomorrow based on what you learned today.

Live your life with purpose and work on accomplishing your purpose a little bit every day.  Don’t let the urgent things in your life crowd out the most important things in your life.