Your values are you guide.

They help you decide purpose.

Values guide you purpose in life.

Values guide you purpose in life.

Living with purpose can help you turn dreams into reality. When you know what you value most in life, you can align your purpose with those values. A purposeful life means a productive life only if you develop a plan to achieve your purpose. Determine the one thing in your life that, in this moment, is most important to you.

Now determine to work on that one thing for a month. Break down that goal for the month into small steps that can be accomplished in a short time. Block out the time every day to spend 30 minutes working on the one thing that is most important to you. Don’t let anyone or anything interfere with that appointment you made with your one thing. Take a break. If you have time continue working on what you were doing. If the urgent things in you life are crowding in, take care of what you must do. At least you have moved one step closer to your goal.

For a check list of questions you should ask yourself each day, click the button below. At the end of each month ask your self if you need to focus on a different important value in your life. You may want to keep your focus on what you have been doing, or you may find another value as taken priority in your life.


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