Will You Design Your Life or Trust Your Fate?

Many people drift through life with no purpose and no goals. Research has shown that when you design your life based on living with purpose you live a longer, better, and happier life.

Start by describing your perfect day?

I like learning new things and meeting new people. I want to do something with my friends. I love almost any kind of outdoor activity. Perhaps one of the most import things I can do is helping others and reaching out to others to help them improve the quality of their lives.

Have you heard of anti-goals?

Before you set goals you have to make sure you are doing something you really like. I set anti-goals. What are anti-goals? They are things I don’t want to do.

Here are some of mine:

  • Long commutes.
  • Alarm clocks
  • A fixed schedule
  • Forced to work on goals I don’t believe in.
  • Someone telling what to do and how to do it.
  • A job tied to one location
  • Asked to lie for anyone.
  • hurt others

Consider how your anti-goals affect your life


I want to work from anywhere in the world and make enough money to do what I want, when I want. I want a passive income that will continue when I cannot work. I want what I do to benefit others while being something that interests me.

A job is very unlikely to give me the flexibility I want. Therefore, I have to develop a business that will provide me what I want. Then the question remains, what business model will help me fulfill my dreams.

The only business models I can think of involves the internet. I can be a sales rep for companies who will give me a commission on my sales. I can sell my own products. I can rep a company that will let me build a sales network and pay me a commission on the sales my network generates.

There is probably as many ways to make money on the internet as there are people trying to do internet marketing, But a word of warning. Most programs offering to teach you how to make a fortune on line are scams. I’ve found a few I have confidence in, and I have tested many that have just taken my money.

Hopefully, I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in your life?

Everyone has a segmented life. Our lives usually focus on specific interests:

  • Work,
  • Family,
  • Faith,
  • Community Service,
  • Conservation/Environment

In my work life, I want to create an internet business that will provide me the passive income I need to meet any crisis life throws at me.

In my personal life, I want to grow and learn new things. I am particularly fascinated with how technology can be use for good and evil.

My community service consists of trying to make my community more resilient in its ability to recover from a natural or human caused disaster.

I have had a life long commitment to conservation. The greatest threats to this earth are the Two C’s; Conflict and Climate Change. I work to leave a better environment for our kids. 

What is the one thing you can work on today that will help you accomplish that one most important thing?

I keep a journal. It helps me remember little things and know how I spend my time. 
Each day I review what I accomplished. This is the format I use:

  • How was your day and why? (1-10 scale)
  • #1 Thing I worked on
  • Planned work
  • Misc unplanned things I worked on
  • What I learned today
  • What important thing I plan on working on tomorrow

Achieving a Centered Life.

Each day I review what I have done and give my day a rating of 1-10. Then I decide what area of my life I must work on tomorrow and what small tasks I should complete to accomplish my most important goal.

A balanced life is a myth and a distraction. I try to lead a centered life. I focus on one part of my life each day. Sometimes I have to put more effort into work and neglect family. But maintaining close relationships with my family and friends is important to me. I cannot neglect family for long. I have to bring my focus back to my family.

I maintain my center by focusing on each aspect of my life for a week at a time. I got the idea from Benjamin Franklin. He wrote down a list of his values. Then he worked on each value for a month. Every year he would start over.

I mentioned the five areas of my life that are important to me. I focus on each one for a week. That doesn’t mean I ignore all the others, but they are left to the chaos of life.

The first thing I do every day is the one most important task I have determined I must work on that day. I may only work on it for half an hour. How long I spend on my most important task is determined by my work load.


Know your values and make sure what you are trying to accomplish is consistent with those values.

Have a clear mission in life. You will live longer and feel better about your life.

Set goals. Break those goals down into tasks that can be accomplished in a short time. 

Work on the most important task at least half hour a day.

Maintain your center. Work on each aspect of your life and be sure not to neglect the things that are important to you.